Recent event - BRAVO Circular Economy Workshop7th July 2016 - University of Limerick, Ireland
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About Us : BRAVO EIP Objectives

BRAVO is a European Innovation Partnership focused on advanced metal recovery. We hope you enjoy browsing our website – feel free to get in touch if you share our objectives:

  • To boost the innovation capacity of the aluminum value chain with respect to secondary raw materials recovery
  • To foster international co-operation among 30 key players ,their 54 members across the aluminum value chain from extraction to recycling
  • The creation of new value chains for the recovered raw materials from by-products of the manufacturing process by collaboration and integration of downstream industries
  • To test the viability of solutions and holistic processing concepts for secondary raw materials processing via pilot actions
  • To mobilise a significant part of the aluminum value chain to increase the impact of research , innovations and achieve technology transfer both along the aluminum value chain and from parallel industries such as recycling
  • To enhance the conditions of the raw materials value chain in order to optimise raw materials flows through improved cooperation of actors
  • To promote socially acceptable, environmentally responsible and economically viable technologies
  • Waste as a resource: generation of a more valuable waste which can be processed to recover critical raw materials

Mining Infrastructure developed by ACCIONA Infrastructure

Featured Partner: Acciona

ACCIONA is a leader in the development and management of infrastructure, water, services and renewable energy. It is present in more than 30 countries in five continents. ACCIONA Infrastructure covers the whole of life infrastructure development, from engineering, construction, operation and maintenance.

ACCIONA Infrastructure has a commitment to foster the use of waste and by-products as secondary raw materials in the construction sector, minimizing waste disposal and raw material consumption.

The bauxite processing industry may be an opportunity for ACCIONA with red mud becoming an important source of secondary raw material for new construction material.

For more see our Acciona Partner page.

Featured Project : Al-Source

350,000 Euro project funded by the EPA in 2015

Al-Source aims to illustrate the value contented in Irish Bauxite Residue via both re-use and recovery techniques, therefore turning residue waste into a resource for rare earths and phosphorus.

Objectives and Targets

  • To unlock the volume of various valuable materials  from bauxite residue & increase the range and yields of recovered raw materials 
  • To illustrate the re-use potential of bauxite residue 
  • To add value tp the area of raw materials processing technologies 
  • To result in higher economic viability and investment security of processing operations 

For more see our Al-Source Projects page.

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