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The BRAVO Partnership is a gathering of key sector players to create a pan-European raw materials knowledge base, developing innovative, sustainable technological solutions to access new raw materials from residues and establishing a friendly legal framework regarding mining waste and economically attractive environment across the EU, which takes into account environmental and social aspects. Al-Aware is one of five BRAVO EIP Project Areas.


Al-Aware: public awareness, acceptance and trust regarding aluminium sector activities and generation and management of red mud


BRAVO Activity: Al-Aware

As detailed on our pages of this site, the BRAVO EIP partnership will engage in: Innovation & Commercialisation; and Co-operation activities. By working with the industry on innovation led change, and by communicating the positive outcomes of these collaborative projects, BRAVO will over the long term, through better knowledge about raw materials and the mining industry, change the negative perception of people towards the residue waste of aluminium processing

Al- Aware focuses on public awareness as well as skills, education and knowledge within the European aluminium value chain and internationally:

BRAVO Impacts: Al-Aware

The key impacts include:

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  • Increase public awareness, acceptance and trust regarding aluminium sector activities and generation and management of red mud; workshops, public conferences, open days and campaigns
  • Traveling lectures/short courses on industry-related mineral resource skills
  • Establish regular contacts with our mining/smelting partners operations in countries in Latin America and Africa, including multilateral conferences, exchanges of staff; facilitate cooperation of industry clusters . BRAVO partners have current projects with CAP S.A. (Chile), Codelco (Chile) and Instituto de Ecologia (Mexico), Sencico (Peru), Mintek ( Africa)
  • Increase of overall knowledge and skills of people working in the sector
  • Through acquaintance of new specific education, improve the technological and economic management in the aluminium sector, tackling as well industrial development (environment friendlymining techniques) as well as environmental protection (waste and best practices for waste management.

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We hope you enjoy browsing our website feel free to get in touch if you share our objectives and may want to get involved.

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