BRAVO – Process Improvement

The BRAVO commitment is a gathering of key sector players to create a pan-European raw materials knowledge base, developing innovative, sustainable technological solutions to access new raw materials from residues and establishing a friendly legal framework regarding mining waste and economically attractive environment across the EU, which takes into account environmental and social aspects. Al-Ore is one of the five BRAVO EIP Project Areas.

Al-Ore: Optimising the alumina and aluminium manufacturing process to improve sector competitiveness and European employment levels, with a focus on increasing the intrinsic value and recyclability of by-products including red mud.


BRAVO Activity: Al-Ore

Al-Ore focuses to optimise the aluminium value chain to reduce waste by products, residues and tailings, increase their subsequent processabilty and reduce their environmental impact.

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The entire chain will be evaluated with respect to waste tailings and techniques such a Variation Mode Effect and Analysis will be applied to minimise tailings and their effects. Optimised and alternative processing techniques and methodologies will be designed and tested on the various aluminium manufacturing process steps. Input from BRAVO partners along the value chain will be key to the success of such tests, specifically as the output of one step is the input to the another step in the chain. For example, alumina output is the input to the aluminium smelter while bauxite residue output is the input to the recyclers. Techniques such as ?in-situ? leaching, solution mining and biotechnologies will be investigated to achieve the above and pilot plant investigations among partners will be conducted. Pilot output data will include red mud volume per alumina tonne, composition, pH and grain size.

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BRAVO Impacts: Al-Ore

The key impacts include:

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  • Develop environmentally sound alternative techniques to reduce aluminium tailings including red mud
  • Push EU to the forefront of alumina and aluminium processing technologies
  • Reduce the risks to population and environment of red mud landfills and spillages [Measurement: up to 30% reduction in the alkalinity of Red Mud]
  • Stabilise jobs in the European aluminium value chain by making the industry more competitive by delivering projects which result in a cost reduction of up to 30% per alumina tonne related to reduced disposal requirements.
  • Public demonstration of innovative pilot and public education – to include development of One Test Site.

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