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The BRAVO EIP Raw Materials Commitment is a gathering of key sector players to create a pan-European raw materials knowledge base, developing innovative, sustainable technological solutions to access new raw materials from residues and establishing a friendly legal framework regarding mining waste and economically attractive environment across the EU, which takes into account environmental and social aspects. Al-Chain is one of the five BRAVO EIP Project Areas.

Al-Chain: Development of a waste residue value chain and synergising the outputs of the Al-Ore, Al-Source and Al-Build. Including research on EU policy aspects and co-operation in the EU aluminium sector.

BRAVO Activity: Al-Chain

Al-Chain focuses on both policy; co-operation across the aluminium value chain; and the creation of innovation across the chain. Al-Chain will undertake the Innovation and Commercialisation activities of the BRAVO commitment previously detailed and support the co-operation activities including the following:

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  • Review the management of alumina residue waste as a resource including liability issues around old tailings facilities.
  • Benchmark analysis of existing national policies regarding residue waste management in the EU
  • Carry out at EU level a fitness check to assess the cumulative effect of EU policies/legislation on the aluminium sector focusing on waste management policy (augmenting the recent EC -MEMO/13/954 Nov 2013) and develop a minerals policy scoreboard.
  • Exchange of best practices via the organization of different targeted workshops among BRAVO partners aiming at inter alia improving the current EU minerals policy framework.
  • Joint annual meetings at EU level of Member States? mining relevant authorities, agencies, inspectors, including National Geological Surveys via BRAVO partners.
  • Develop EU guidance on the streamlined application of the EU environmental legislation to alumina and aluminium residue waste management, and including R&D activities through the whole aluminium chain (EIA Directive2)
  • Dissemination day on the Commission?s guidance on Natura 2000 and non-energy extractive industries
  • Assist in policy development in the area of industrial and mining waste deposits in the framework of Europe 2020
  • Review and provide guidance on the legal status of the residue waste and reprocessing as a raw material
  • Investigate Tax incentives for the promotion of uptake of new products
  • BRAVO is a multistakeholder platform for the aluminium sector. Partners from across value chains ? mining, processing, recycling, application, public sectors, and pan European associations
  • Optimised raw materials flows along value chains; It is a cross sectorial partnership and facilitate knowledge exchange among the partners as well as total life cycle assessment

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BRAVO Impacts: Al-Chain

The key impacts include:

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  • Improve the environmental management, including the EIA. This will reduce time and costs on one hand and increase stakeholders’ engagement and trust on the other [measurement: guidelines on new techniques and processes for waste residue management]
  • Improve the transparency of information on raw materials through public reporting [measurement: publication in high impact journal]
  • Contribute to develop monitoring systems on raw materials flows and early warning systems on EU dependency on certain raw materials with our partner the International Aluminium Association [measurement: BRAVO monitoring system ]
  • Interdisciplinary and transnational cooperation will boost raw material sector in the EU [measurement: 1 international conference held, establish a staff secondment programme]

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