BRAVO – Construction Raw Materials

The BRAVO EIP Raw Materials Commitment is a gathering of key sector players to create a pan-European raw materials knowledge base, developing innovative, sustainable technological solutions to access new raw materials from residues and establishing a friendly legal framework regarding mining waste and economically attractive environment across the EU, which takes into account environmental and social aspects. Al-Source is one of the five BRAVO EIP Project Areas.

Al-Build: Production of construction Raw Materials from Red Mud (pilot activity)

Al-Build is closely linked with another BRAVO area, Al- Source, in that the output fraction of the Al-source project is the input fraction for the Al-build project where the bulk material will be recovered and processed for the construction sector.

BRAVO Activity: Al-Build

Following extraction of the Critical Raw Materials including gallium, titanium, selium, germanium, dysprosium and cerium; Al-Build focuses on the remaining bulk low grade residue, investigating techniques and processes from alternative industries to develop raw materials and products for the construction sector.

BRAVO Impacts: Al-Build

The key impacts of Al-Source allied to Al-Build include:

  • To unlock the volume of various raw materials from red mud residue & increase the range and yields of recovered raw materials [measurement: achieve gallium, titanium, selium, germanium, dysprosium and cerium recovery]
  • To result in higher economic viability and investment security of processing operations
  • To push Europe to the forefront in the area of raw materials processing technologies
  • To increase availability of recovered raw material and create added value products through reducing the quantities of the industrial waste and residues to be disposed or landfilled. [Measurement: 15% of residue redirected from land fill at test facility]
  • To create numerous new jobs in processing [Measurement: calculation of increased revenue generated by recycling operation and number of people required to carry out processing]

Feel free to contact BRAVO if you share our objectives and would like to get involved.

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