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CEINNMAT (INNCEINNMAT, S.L.) is a high-tech SME in the field of materials treatment for industrial processing using emerging technologies. It is proprietary of technology for several industrial sectors but mainly focused on metallurgy processing and industrial minerals. Particularly in metallurgy sector, it has developments based on a novel electromagnetic metallurgy and metallurgy, including patented technology.

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Castellon, Spain

It is a young company (created in early 2010) and innovative company established in Castellon, Spain, with an operational delegation for research and equipment development in Valencia University Science Park. It is proprietary of technology, products and industrial equipment for material processing in nanomaterials and raw materials for metallurgy and industrial rocks. It also fabricates some innovative high added value new materials synthesis based on proprietary technology. It has a wide portfolio of solutions and equipment on metal mining, industrial rocks & mineral mining, hybrid drying systems (multisector), heating process, chemical reactors and nanotechnology.

MELTING OF DIELECTRIC MATERIALS. Kiln developed during the DAPhNE project

MELTING OF DIELECTRIC MATERIALS. Kiln developed during the DAPhNE project


CEINNMAT develops industrial technology for material processing, and fabricates and provides equipment based on multi-source energy kilns, microwaves, concentrated energy and adaptive processes for the industry, developing both the system and the equipment. It works for end-user clients but mainly as technology supplier of engineering companies, as above all on continuous thermal treatment equipment and installations. It has more than 30 partners (multinational and large enterprises, SMEs and research institutions) collaborating in new developments and industrial implementations.

Ceinnmat PROTOTYPE developed in innMETAE project

PROTOTYPE developed in innMETAE project


CEINNMAT bases its strategy on corporate alliances to enhance its rapid implementation into the market, and to provide the maximum impact to the stakeholders. It has been involved in trade missions and market research for the technology introduction in Latin American and African markets by own sources, and in collaboration with national and European Commission missions.



CEINNMAT team is polyvalent highly specialized technical human resources with proven expertise in the fields of engineering, mining, material science, marketing and trading. The current 10 staff members is composed by 6 PhD and 1 mastered engineer among the graduated in several technical subjects with a broad experience in developing innovation projects focused on improving and upgrading industrial processes related to advanced raw materials treatment technologies.

Ceinnmat Spain R&D facility


CEINNMAT range of services includes R&D&I, engineering and consultation activities:

  • Innovative high temperature process for calcination in continuous flow.
  • New electromagnetic metallurgy processes and equipment for extractive metallurgy and advanced metallurgy.
  • Reactors for synthesis of organic materials and nanomaterials.
  • New materials and new products, and their synthesis: New fluorescent nanomaterials and environmental friendly superabsorbent polymers series for concrete, formulation and synthesis process.
  • Innovation on low energy and dry technology development towards a circular value chain process with less environmental risks generation.
  • Design, scale-up, construction and start-up of treatment plants for industrial processes and R&D activities.
  • Projects and studies of technical and economic feasibility at pilot plant scale for different industrial sectors not only raw materials but also ceramic, natural stone, glass, metallurgy, and chemical sector.
  • Technological, legal and market advice on different industrial sectors throughout innovation management from our R&D&I breakthroughs



CEINNMAT proprietary technology works in red mud processing for metallic extraction and ceramic based products. The technology would be used in two ways, one for metal recovery and other for construction materials.

  • Al-Ore for pre-processing and extraction of other components.
  • Al-Source. Extraction of valuable materials using pyrometallurgy based materials, and pretreatment and post-treatment combined or not with other metallurgy processes.
  • Al-Build. Artificial aggregate manufacturing and ceramic based materials.


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