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Geonardo Logo Geonardo is an engineering and consultancy company providing cutting-edge solutions in the energy, environment and sustainable development fields.

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Established in 1999, Geonardo has become a leading SME in Central Eastern Europe with extensive experience in conceiving and implementing research and innovation projects under the EU programmes.

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Geonardo provides technical consulting services specialised in resource efficiency, ICT-based decision support solutions, GIS and remote sensing, RES and EE applications and conducts feasibility studies and impact assessments, and develops and implements innovative training, capacity building, institutional strengthening, and communication, dissemination and exploitation actions.

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Geonardo expertise across the board can be best illustrated by our involvement in past projects. Sample projects listed here represent our interests and achievements – We are always willing to consider participating in new projects that spark our interest:

  • ECO-Binder : Development of insulating concrete systems based on novel low CO2 binders for a new family of eco-innovative, durable and standardized energy efficient envelope components [Horizon 2020]
  • TASIO: Waste Heat Recovery for Power Valorisation with Organic Rankine Cycle Technology in Energy Intensive Industries [Horizon 2020]
  • OMENTIN: Ore Mining and Environmental Technology Information Network [FP5]

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Within BRAVO, Geonardo contributes mainly to the Al-Aware project area, building on its extensive experience in designing and implementing novel dissemination, communication, exploitation and awareness-raising activities in the energy, environment and sustainable development fields.


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