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The Half Day International BRAVO Conference took place in KU Leuven on Monday 5th October 2015. Full details of the conference are presented here … click on one of the seven tabs (if viewing this on mobile click to right to reveal other five tabs).



  • BRAVO Conference Agenda

    KU Leuven - BRAVO EIP Half Day International Conference (867 downloads) click to download Pdf of agenda for printing purposes.

  • It was fantastic to have almost 30 people between members and guests participate at our event. Many thanks to Rabab Nasser for helping with the organisation.


    BRAVO Conference 2015 Attendees

    First NameSurnameOrganisation
    Lisa O'DonoghueUniversity of Limerick
    RonanCourtneyUniversity of Limerick
    DonnchaHughesUniversity of Limerick
    JohnMulcahyUniversity of Limerick
    AbbasKhanZaak Technologies
    John Bustnes, PhdSweara Mefos
    AmielBoullemantRio Tinto
    KarelVan AckerKU Leuven & EIT Raw Materials
    YiannisPontikesKU Leuven
    KatyTsesmelisInternational Aluminium Institute (IAI)
    KenEvansInternational Aluminium Institute (IAI)
    Linda ThereseKristiansenHydro Aluminium
    Omer CeylanGeonardo
    Gert HommFraunhofer ISC
    Robertade CarolisENEA
    Magdelana HolmgrenLTU & EIT Raw Materials
    EddieShawCarr Communications
    EricDuchenneAlteo Alumina
    Juan José Cepriá PamplonaAcciona
    Will MayesUniversity of Hull
    AngelLopez BuendiaCeinnmat
    Rio Tinto


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  • The BRAVO EIP Half Day Conference was addressed by the following speakers:


    Yiannis Pontikes, KU Leuven

    Yiannis Pontikes, KU Leuven


    Dr Yiannis Pontikes, Senior Researcher at KU Leuven has undertaken significant post graduate and post doctoral research on application of bauxite residue (red mud) in the production of heavy-clay ceramics and lightweight aggregrates. He is the Managing Editor of the Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy.

    Yiannis will provide a Welcome address to open the half day BRAVO EIP conference.





    Dr Lisa O'Donoghue, BRAVO EIP Speaker Event

    Dr Lisa O’Donoghue, BRAVO EIP


    Dr. Lisa O’Donoghue? is a senior researcher and lecturer in the University of Limerick’s Department of Design and Manufacturing Technology. A graduate of civil engineering and materials science, her areas of expertise is environmental technology to include:? materials analysis techniques; materials oxidation …..

    She also has extensive European Project Funding application, management and delivery experience…. examples. Not sure if want to mention Commercialisation and Votchnik.

    Lisa will address BRAVO EIP’s work activity in 2015 and set out a vision and framework plan for 2016 which will provide the context for discussions during the break out sessions.



    Maria Magdelana Holmgren, EIT Raw Material BRAVO Event Speaker

    Maria Magdelana Holmgren, EIT Raw Material


    Maria Magdalena Holmgren is the Interim Manager of the Northern Co-Location Centre at EIT Raw Material based in Lule?, Sweden. She was?assigned by the Swedish national consortium consisting of global industries, institutes and universities of excellence?to lead the KIC-bid in Raw Materials in December 2011 and has been devoted to establish the EIT Raw Materials ever since.?Following a successful EIT KIC-bid on Raw Materials, the startup phase was initiated in January 2015.


    Mrs. Holmgren has a wide experience working as an international project development manager and senior consultant, both in business development and international management. She is specialized in innovation processes.?


    Holmgren has been responsible for the design and management of applied research and innovation projects of high complexity involving industry, SMEs, R&D-institutes, universities and public authorities. She has established and consolidated international networks, connecting stakeholders from a variety of segments into international programmes to promote applied research, innovation and business development, facilitating an efficient transfer of knowledge and technology in branches of industry such as raw materials, ICT, e-health and creative industries.



  • The One Day International BRAVO Conference is being held to coincide with the Red Bauxite Residue Valorisation and Best Practice Conference taking place in the University of Leuven (30km outside of Brussels).

    Red Mud Conference Banner October 2015

    Full details (to include online booking) on the Red Mud Conference Website.

  • Getting To Leuven

    The following practical guide has been provided by Rabab Nasser, Red Mud Conference Organisor. Thanks Rabab.

    • If you are arriving?by plane to Brussels Airport,?it is very easy to get to Leuven. Direct trains run twice an hour on week days and hourly on weekends from the Airport station (dutch spelling:?Brussel-Nationaal-Luchthaven) located in the airport terminal itself on the underground level. The trip takes?less than 15?minutes.?One important note: we are located in?Leuven?(Dutch spelling)/Louvain (French spelling), in the Flemish region,?NOT in Louvain-la-Neuve, which is another city in the south of Belgium that also has a university of same name as ours but spelled in French. So to avoid confusion, if you ask for tickets or directions, always use the name Leuven and the university name KU Leuven. To check the train schedules visit:?
    • Once in Leuven,?most hotels are located at a walking distance from the train station (unless you are staying in a hotel near the meeting venue). If you have large baggage or need to go farther, there are taxis in the plaza in front of the station. If you are staying in the Ibis Budget, it is located directly by the train station, on the side which is away from the downtown core. Take the underground tunnel or overhead pass to get there.
    • To get to the?meeting venue,?for those staying in downtown Leuven or near the station, the best way is to go by bus number 2?(bus terminal connected to train station). It goes to the Heverlee campus of the KU Leuven where you can get off at the stop “Heverlee Kantineplein?. Then follow the route in the attached plan in order to reach the library of KU Leuven, where the meeting room (Nicolas de le Villezaal) is located.
    • You may pay on the bus; advance purchase is possible at the train station bus terminal. You may also take a taxi to Willem de Croylaan 6, Heverlee.
    • For those driving,?you can find a map on the Bauxite Residue Valorisation Conference website, which shows?parking?possibilities:?
    • Finally, the?weather forecast?for next week?shows 16-19 degrees Celsius temperatures with a?big chance of rain?(weather can change fast here, so come prepared and watch the radar before heading out).

    Meeting Venue: Nicolas de le Villezaal


    The venue for the BRAVO Half Day International is provided by University of Leuven.

    Venue: Room Nicolas de le Villezaal (CBA 01.10), Arenberg Campus Library Building, KU Leuven

    • Address:?Croylaan 6, 3001 Heverlee?


    The BRAVO event takes place in the library building of the university, at a walking distance (3 minutes) to the Red Mud conference venue which takes place in Thermotechnical Institute of the KU Leuven* – entrances are in the same street.

    * Address:

    Aula van de Tweede Hoofdwet
    KU Leuven, Thermotechnical Institute
    Kasteelpark Arenberg 41,
    B-3001 Leuven (Heverlee), Belgium

    BRAVO Event Venue Google Maps

    The Red Mud website also contains a Map and Directions explaining how to get to their Venue.


    Please refer to the Red Mud Conference Website for full details on accommodation options in Leuven when attending the BRAVO and Red Mud Conferences.


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