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TECNALIA Research & Innovation is the first privately funded Applied Research Centre in Spain and one of the leading such centres in Europe. With our 1,475 highly-qualified employees, a 110 million Euros turnover and a portfolio with over 4,000 clients, TECNALIA aims working with companies to promote the transformation of knowledge into wealth. The short- and medium-term activities developed by TECNALIA are related to the challenges that our society faces in the medium and long term. The goal is to overcome these challenges through Applied Research by developing business opportunities. These challenges and opportunities are related to climate change, the future of cities, low carbon energy, ageing, the industry and factory of the future, the digital and hyper-connected world and sustainable transport.


Waste Recovery Department is the group involved in the Commitment BRAVO. Its main RTDs activities are:

Secondary raw materials from waste -recovery of metals (including scarce/strategic metals), plastics and composites from foundry, steel making, electronic, end of life vehicles, waste management, etc.-;

Energetic valorisation of waste -development of thermal processes for energy recovery from organic waste; and Safe disposal of final waste– advanced thermal technologies (plasma,?).

The main interest of TECNALIA in BRAVO, linked to the project Al-Source, is the development of combined pyro-hydrometallurgical processes to recover valuable metals contained in red mud. The metals to be recovered can be classified in two groups. The first group includes the most concentrated metals (iron, titanium, gallium, etc) and, in the second group, some trace elements (REE).


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