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The University of Limerick is a university in the city of Limerick, Ireland . Established in 1972, UL offers a range of programmes up to doctorate and post doctorate levels in the disciplines of Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Business, Education, Health Sciences, Science and Engineering.

UL Excellence and Impact 2020

A roadmap for future growth and development to 2020 at the University of Limerick underpinned by Research and Innovation was unveiled today in January 2016) entitled Excellence & Impact 2020.  Research at UL addresses areas of importance to Irish society, such as education, languages, healthcare and social inclusion. It also has significant impact on sectors that are vital to the Irish economy, such as pharmaceuticals, med-tech, software, food communications and energy. The strategy is fully aligned with Ireland’s ambition as outlined in Innovation 2020 – the new strategy for Research and Development, Science and Technology.

Materials & Surface Science Institute (MSSI)

The Materials & Surface Science Institute, established in 1998, is a centre of excellence generating state-of-the-art fundamental research on topics of industrial significance in the fields of surface science and materials. The Institute houses a multidisciplinary team of scientists (chemistry, materials science, physics and biochemistry) and engineers (mechanical, aeronautical, biomedical, manufacturing and electronic) who undertake research in the design, synthesis, processing, characterisation and modelling of materials.


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Under the stewardship of Dr. Lisa O’Donoghue, University of Limerick has established expertise and cross European netw0rk partners within the Raw Materials specialty.

UL Raw Materials

Along with co-ordinating BRAVO EIP, UL is a member of the Northern Co-Location Centre (N-CLC) which is a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) head quartered out of Lulea, Sweden at a location in Lulea Technical University (LTU).

The Raw Materials activity focuses on core objectives, as follows:

  • Manufacturing Competitiveness
    Technologies to reduce costs, eliminate waste, drive resource efficiency & improve product quality for increased competitiveness.
  • Process Tech and Novel Materials
    Enabling the Irish manufacturing base to transition into one with enhanced capabilities in processing technologies and materials science and engineering
  • Innovations
    Manufacturing base to innovate their business processes, business model innovation, supply chain and risk governance.

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