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The Institute for the Applications of Advanced Information and Communication Technologies (ITACA) is a research and development entity of the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (UPVLC). The Microwave Division (DiMaS) of the research institute ITACA undertakes scientific and applied research, technological development and technology transfer initiatives in the field of microwave engineering. DiMaS also offers consultancy services of advice, high frequency measurements, and expert feasibility studies in projects of technological development, applicable to the microwave sector. From 1996, numerous microwave devices have been designed and more than 100 prototypes have been developed, with more than 20 international patents.

One of the Microwave Laboratories at DiMaS facilities (UPVLC)

One of the Microwave Laboratories at DiMaS facilities (UPVLC)


Microwave heating for industrial processes

Microwave heating for industrial processes

The microwave division of UPVLC focuses its activities in several main topics:

  • We develop microwave applicators for microwave heating in the industry, as alternative to more conventional heating technologies. The use of powerful 3D EM simulators for the design and modeling of the microwave structure, including the processed material, is essential for an optimum achievement of the potential advantages of microwave processing.
  • We perform theoretical research in numerical methods for the electromagnetic modeling of open and closed microwave structures to design microwave cavities, dielectric measurement probes, etc. For complex geometries, we combine our numerical procedures with 3D electromagnetic simulators.
  • We conduct theoretical and experimental research to develop basic metrology and specific and accurate (microwave and RF) measurement devices. Measurement services are provided for dielectric and magnetic material properties, power, noise, impedance, and other basic quantities from low frequencies to more than 50 GHz

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The Microwave Division of UPVLC can contribute with a wide expertise in the development of low and high temperature continuous-flow processing of materials with electromagnetic energy. This can be applied in the following BRAVO key areas:

  • Al-Source: Microwave technology for aluminium extraction from bauxite.
  • Al-Ore: Microwave-assisted extraction of iron and high added value metallic concentrates.
  • Al-Build: Microwave technology for artificial aggregate manufacturing and ceramic based materials.


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