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VITO is a leading European independent research and consultancy centre in the areas of cleantech and sustainable development, elaborating solutions for the grand societal challenges of tomorrow: climate change, food security, a sustainable energy supply, the ageing population and scarcity of resources. VITO has more than 750 highly-qualified employees from various specialisms and collaborates with sector federations and their research centres, universities and other European research institutes.

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VITO?s view on the materials challenge starts from a value chain perspective and aims at transforming complex waste materials into value added products. VITO develops technologies for separation, recovery and conversion with a specific focus on loop closure, recovery of valuable materials and upcycling of mineral matrices. These competences are based on expertise in physical and chemical separation, (bio)-electrochemical conversion, powder/surface processing and solidification/stabilization to transform (mineral) waste to value-added resources with improved environmental qualities. The value chain management perspective is supported by our expertise on integrated environmental assessment and material flow analysis, and the development of new business concepts to facilitate the implementation of sustainable materials management in industry.

Recently, VITO developed functionalized sorbents for REE recovery from bauxite residue leaching liquors and has ongoing projects on the activation and valorization of processing sludges and iron-rich residues into low-CO2 cements and nutrient sorbents.


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